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Breathing life into old spaces.

In 2015 after nearly a decade designing collections for global fashion retailers, I left the world of fashion to embark on the world of property development. A decision which has allowed me to scratch my creative itch whilst also building a successful business. 


Design is still very much where my heart is, being the main focus when approaching any new project or build. Instead of scouring the globe for the latest fashion trend and  fabrics, I now spend most of my day sourcing beautiful dated property and land. With one goal, 'make ROI beautiful.

E12 Property is a passion project.


Property development and large scale renovations, can be so much more than the bottom line. There is ample space in the property sector for more thoughtful and considered homes, which are both beautiful and functional. 

 The E12 brand is not your typical acquisitions and design developer.


My vision is to make property development and renovation of homes more accessible, by sharing my knowledge. Empowering others, especially women to build with confidence. 

Join me as I continue to push the boundaries of timeless design alongside making a healthy ROI."



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