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 E12 Property: Where Creativity Meets ROI

Welcome to E12 Property, a journey that began with a passion for design, evolved through global fashion, and found its true calling in the world of property development.

In 2015, after nearly a decade immersed in crafting collections for international fashion retailers, I embarked on a new venture - one that allowed me to fuel my creative spirit while building a thriving business.


Shifting my focus from scouring the globe for the latest fashion trends and fabrics, I now spend my days sourcing captivating dated properties and plots of land, all with a singular goal in mind: "Make ROI beautiful."

E12 Property is more than just acquisitions and design development. It's a manifestation of my belief that property development and home renovation can transcend the balance sheet. There's ample room in the property sector for homes that blend timeless beauty with functionality, each thoughtfully crafted to enhance lives.

At E12, our vision is to democratize property development and renovation, making it accessible to all. We aim to share our knowledge, empowering aspiring developers, especially women, to embark on this journey with confidence. Join me as we redefine timeless design and create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also financially sound.

I invite you to be part of this transformative experience at E12 Property, where we harmonize creativity, passion, and a dedication to leaving a lasting mark on the world of real estate.

Warm regards,


Founder, E12 Property

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